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The meeting program is available for download (PDF). The preprints of the proceedings will available on the Preprints page.

Session 1: Retrospectives on Time

Session 2: The Terminology of Time

Session 3: The Application of Time

Session 4: The Perception of Time

  • Paul Gabor, "Impractical Precision of Calendars"
  • Rob Seaman, "The Meaning of a Day"
  • Kevin Birth, "The Princess and the Pea: Strategies for the Study of Non-Experts’ Use of Time Scales"(see program p. 12 for abstract)
  • Kevin Birth, "Zmanim, Salat, Jyotish and UTC: The Articulation of Religious Times and the Global Time Scale" (see program p. 13 for abstract)

Session 5: The Programming of Time I

Session 6: The Programming of Time II

Session 7: The Future of Time