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The proceedings for "Requirements for UTC and Civil Timekeeping on Earth" are being published by Univelt, Inc. as part of the American Astronautical Society (AAS) Science and Technology Series, available from:

The Call for Papers is available here. The meeting program is available for download (PDF). The presentations/slides given at the workshop are available on the Program page.

Colloquium Summary

  • John Seago, Rob Seaman, Ken Seidelmann, and Steve Allen, "The Colloquium on Requirements for UTC and Civil Timekeeping on Earth"

Session 1: Retrospectives on Time

  • Steve Allen, "Planes Will Crash! Things That Leap Seconds Didn't, and Did, Cause"
    Preprint-502 | Discuss-502
  • Yasuhiro Koyama, et. al., "Experiences of Leap Second Adjustment Operations and Questionnaires in Japan"
    Preprint-503 | Discuss-503
  • Martin Burnicki, "Technical Aspects of Leap Second Propagation and Evaluation"
    Preprint-504 | Discuss-504

Session 2: The Terminology of Time

Session 3: The Application of Time

Round-table A

Session 4: The Perception of Time

Session 5: The Programming of Time I

Session 6: The Programming of Time II

Session 7: The Future of Time

Round-table B