Poetry from Indigenous People
In Response to the Dominant Culture

Storytellers: Native American Authors Online
Sherman Alexie
the books ofSherman Alexie
Reservation Mathematics
Della Frank
T'áá Diné Nishli
Joy Harjo
The books of Joy Harjo
Reconciliation: A Prayer
Eagle Poem
She Had Some Horses
Santa Fe
I Give You Back
A. A. Hedge Coke
The books of Allison Hedge Coke
Roberta D. Joe
Storm Pattern
Sunset Woman's Ivy League Escape
Nora Naranjo-Morse
The books of Nora Naranjo-Morse
Gia's Song
The Living Exhibit Under the Museum's Portal
Mud Woman's First Encounter with the World of Money and Business
Tradition and Change
Simon Ortiz
The books of Simon Ortiz
A Designated National Park
The First Hard Core
Grants to Gallup, New Mexico
Indians Sure Came in Handy
It Was That Indian
Out to Tsaile Lake
Starting at the Bottom
"The State's claim that it seeks in no way to deprive"
To Change in a Good Way
What I Mean
Carter Revard
The books of Carter Revard
A Brief Guide to American History Teachers
Two Poems: Skins and Firewater
Wendy Rose
The books of Wendy Rose
Lab Genesis
Long Division: A Tribal History
I Expected My Skin and My Blood to Ripen
Three Thousand Dollar Death Song
For the White Poets Who Would Be Indian
Incident at a Hamburger Stand: Iowa City
Literary Luncheon: Iowa City
Searching for Indians in New Orleans
My Red Antennae Receiving: Vermont
Margaret Neumann
Mt. Rushmore
Excavation at Santa Barbara Mission
Notes on a Conspiracy
Retrieving Osceola's Head
Ralph Salisbury
The books of Ralph Salisbury
Some of the Life and Times of Wise-Wolf Salt-Town
Luci Tapahonso
The books of Luci Tapahonso
Hard to Take
In 1864
Pay Up Or Else
These Long Drives
Drew Hayden Taylor
The books of Drew Hayden Taylor
Oh, Just Call Me an Indian
Mark Turcotte
The books of Mark Turcotte
Ten Thousand Thousand Bones
Carlson Vicenti
Oh, Saint Michael
Gertrude Walters
Yei Tsoh (Crane)
Elizabeth Woody
The books of Elizabeth Woody
Translation of Blood Quantum
Winners of the North American Indian Prose Award, University of Nebraska Press.
The American Indian Literature and Criticism Series, University of Oklahoma Press.
The American Indian Lives Series, University of Nebraska Press.
Sun Tracks: An American Indian Literary Series, University of Arizona Press.
The entire archive of recommended books on the Native American Resources website.

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