University of Arizona Suntracks Series


book cover Time Commences in Xibalbá
Luis de Lion (Author),
Nathan C. Henne (Translator)
No. 74.
Corpse Whale
dg nanouk okpik
No. 73

book cover book cover Butterfly Moon
Anita Endrezze
No. 72.
Red Weather
Janet McAdams
No. 71.

book cover book cover Cell Traffic
Heid Erdrich
No. 70.
Walking the Clouds: An Anthology of Indigenous Science Fiction
Grace L Dillon (Editor)
No. 69

book cover book cover Sing
Allison Adele Hedge Coke (Editor)
No. 68.
Doubters and Dreamers
Janice Gould
No. 67.
book cover book cover For a Girl Becoming
Joy Harjo; Illustrations by Mercedes McDonald
No. 66.
Dark Thirty
Santee Frazier
No. 65.
book cover
book cover A Radiant Curve: Poems and Stories
Luci Tapahonso
No. 64.
Where Clouds are Formed
Ofelia Zepeda
No. 63.
book cover
book cover The Women's Warrior Society
Lois Beardslee
No. 62.
I Swallow Turquoise for Courage
Hershman R. John
No. 61.
book cover book cover Raven Eye
Margo Tamez
No. 60.
Notebooks of Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
No. 59.

book cover book cover The Secret Powers of Naming
Sara Littlecrow-Russell, Joy Harjo (Introduction)
No. 58.
Blonde Indian: An Alaska Native Memoir
Ernestine Hayes
No. 57.

book cover book cover The Power of Horses and Other Stories
Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
No. 56.
Husk of Time: The Photographs of Victor Masayesva
Victor Masayesva (Photographer), Beverly R. Singer (Introduction)
No. 55.

book cover book cover Tséyi' / Deep in the Rock: Reflections on Canyon de Chelly
Laura Tohe, Stephen Strom (photographer)
No. 54.
Beyond the Reach of Time and Change: Native American Reflections on the Frank A. Rinehart Photograph Collection
Simon Ortiz (Editor)
No. 53.

book cover book cover Shapeshift
Sherwin Bitsui
No. 52.
Itch Like Crazy
Wendy Rose
No. 51.

book cover book cover Urban Voices: The Bay Area American Indian Community
Intertribal Friendship House, Susan Lobo, Editor
No. 50.
Out There Somewhere
Simon J. Ortiz
No. 49.

book cover book cover Drowning in Fire
Craig Womack
No. 48.
Winning the Dust Bowl
Carter Revard
No. 47.
book cover book cover El Q'anil: Man of Lightning
Victor Montejo
No. 46.
Killing Time with Strangers
W. S. Penn
No. 45.
book cover book cover The Roads of My Relations
Devon A Mihesuah
No. 44.

Native American Calling interview with Devon A. Mihesuah
Rainbows of Stone
Ralph Salisbury
No. 43.
book cover book cover From Sand Creek: Rising
In This Heart Which Is
Our America

Simon Ortiz
No. 42.
Life Woven with Song
Nora Marks Dauenhauer
No. 41.

Native American Calling interview with Nora Marks Dauenhauer
book cover book cover Throwing Fire at the Sun, Water at the Moon
Anita Endrezze
No. 40.
The Last of the Ofos
Geary Hobson
No. 39.
book cover book cover From the Belly of My Beauty
Native America Calling interview with Esther Belin
Men on the Moon: Collected Short Stories
Simon Ortiz
No. 37.

Native America Calling interview with Simon Ortiz
book cover book cover Family Matters, Tribal Affairs
Carter Revard
No. 36.
Speaking for the Generations: Native Writers on Writing
Simon Ortiz (Editor)
No. 35.
book cover book cover Blue Horses Rush In: Poems and Stories
Luci Tapahonso
No. 34.
Earthquake Weather: Poems
Janice Gould
No. 33.
book cover book cover Ocean Power: Poems from the Desert
Ofelia Zepeda
No. 32.
Home Places: Contemporary Native American Writing from Sun Tracks
Larry Evers and Ofelia Zepeda (Editors)
No. 31.
book cover book cover Luminaries of the Humble
Elizabeth Woody
No. 30.
Returning the Gift: Poetry and Prose from the First North American Native Writers' Festival
Joseph Bruchac (Editor)
No. 29.
book cover book cover After and Before the Lightning
Simon Ortiz
Bone Dance: New and Selected Poems, 1965-1993
Wendy Rose
No. 27.
book cover book cover The Sound of Rattles and Clappers: A Collection of New California Indian Writing
Greg Sarris (Editor)
Singing for Power: The Song Magic of the Papago Indians of Southern Arizona
Ruth Murray Underhill
No. 25.
book cover book cover An Eagle Nation
Carter Revard
No. 24.
Sáanii Dahataat: The Women Are Singing : Poems and Stories
Luci Tapahonso
No. 23.
book cover book cover The Hawk Is Hungry and Other Stories
D'Arcy McNickle; edited by Birgit Hans
Woven Stone
Simon Ortiz
No. 21.
book cover book cover Mud Woman: Poems from the Clay
Nora Naranjo-Morse
No. 20.
Dancing on the Rim of the World: An Anthology of Contemporary Northwest Native American Writing
Andrea Lerner (Editor)
No. 19.
book cover book cover The Singing Spirit: Early Short Stories by North American Indians
Bernd Peyer (Editor)
No. 18.
Secrets from the Center of the World
Joy Harjo
Stephen Strom (Photographer)
No. 17.
book cover book cover The Names
N. Scott Momaday
No. 16.
Survival This Way: Interviews With American Indian Poets
Joseph Bruchac
No. 15.
book cover book cover Yaqui Deer Songs/Maso Bwikam: A Native American Poetry
Larry Evers and Felipe Molina
No. 14.
A Papago Traveler: The Memories of James McCarthy
James McCarthy; edited by John C. Westover
No. 13.
book cover book cover A Good Journey
Simon Ortiz
No. 12.
Between Sacred Mountains: Navajo Stories and Lessons from the Land
Sam and Janet Bingham (Editors)
No. 11.
book cover book cover Spirit Mountain: An Anthology of Yuman Story and Song
Leanne Hinton and Lucille Watahomigie
No. 10.
Hopitutuwutsi = Hopi Tales: A Bilingual Collection of Hopi Indian Stories
Herschel Talashoma
& Ekkehart Malotki
No. 9.
book cover Hopi Photographers: Hopi Images
Victor Masayesva and Erin Younger
No. 8.
Mat Hekid O Ju/when It Rains: Papago and Pima Poetry
Ofelia Zepeda (Editor)
No. 7.
book cover book cover The South Corner of Time:
Hopi, Navajo, Papago, Yaqui Tribal Literature

Now an online edition!
Larry Evers (Editor)
No. 6.



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