How to link to Native American Resources on the Internet

To place a link to this website onto your website, first download this button onto your server. (Do not load this image from this website! I pay for the bandwidth!)

NAbutton picture

This can usually be done by either dragging and dropping the image onto your desktop, or by holding down your mouse button and selecting "Save (or Download) this image to disk" from the menu that appears. Then entering the following code into your webpage will supply a link to this website:

<a onmouseover="window.status='To the Index of Native American Resources on the Internet'; return true" href="http://www.hanksville.org/NAresources/"><img src="images/NAbutton.gif" height=39 width=39 align=middle alt="Button" border=0>The Index of Native American Resources on the Internet</a>

Make sure that there are no line breaks in this code string. You may need to change the string in quotes following <img src= to conform to the structure of your website and your decision on where to place the image file. You may also wish to customize the text in the link to fit in with your website.

After uploading the image and HTML file to your website server, a link like the one below should appear on your webpage.

NAbutton picture Return to the Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

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