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Literature and Critical Studies Series

Pushing the Bear: After the Trail of Tears
Diane Glancy
No. 54.
book cover book cover N. Scott Momaday: Remembering Ancestors, Earth, and Traditions: an Annotated Bio-Bibliography
Phyllis S. Morgan
No. 525
The Marriage of Saints
Dawn Karima Pettigrew
No. 52.
book cover book cover The Singing Bird: A Cherokee Novel
John Milton Oskison
No. 53.
The Trickster of Liberty: Native Heirs to a Wild Baronage
Gerald Vizenor
No. 50.
book cover book cover Muting White Noise Native American and European American Novel Traditions
James H. Cox
No. 51.

Field of Honor
Don Birchfield
No. 48.
book cover book cover Miracle
Leo Dubray
No. 49.
Louis Owens: Literary Reflections on his Life and Work
Jacquelyn Kilpatrick
No. 46.
book cover book cover Silko: Writing Storyteller and Medicine Woman
Brewster E. Fitz
No. 47.
A Pipe for February
Charles H. Red Corn
No. 44.

Native America Calling interview with Charles Red Corn
book cover book cover American Gypsy: Six Native American Plays
Diane Glancy
No. 45.
The Mask Maker
Diane Glancy
No. 42.
book cover book cover Grave Concerns, Trickster Turns: The Novels of Louis Owens
Christopher A. LaLonde
No. 43.
I Hear the Train:
Reflections, Inventions, Refractions

Louis Owens
book cover book cover Nightland
Louis Owens
No. 41.
Briefcase Warriors:
Stories for the Stage

E. Donald Two-Rivers
No. 38.
book cover book cover Other Words: American Indian Literature, Law, and Culture
Jace Weaver
No. 39.
Gerald Vizenor
No. 36.
book cover book cover Where the Pavement
Ends: Five Native
American Plays

William S. Yellow Robe
No. 37.

Native America Calling interview with William Yellow Robe
Kiss of the Fur Queen
Tomson Highway
No. 34.
book cover book cover El Indio Jesus
Gilberto Chavez Ballejos & Shirley Hill Witt
No. 35.
Momaday, Vizenor and Armstrong:
Conversations on American Indian Writing

Hartwig Isernhagen
No. 32.
book cover book cover The Voice That Was In Travel
Diane Glancy
No. 33.
Survivor's Medicine
E. Donald Two-Rivers
No. 29.
book cover book cover Dark River
Louis Owens
No. 30.
Josannie's War
Karl Schlieser
No. 27.
book cover book cover The Last Rattlesnake Throw
Ralph Salisbury
No. 28.
Turtle Belly
Joel Monture
No. 25.
book cover book cover Mixed Blood Messages
Louis Owens
No. 26.
On Native Ground:
Memoirs And Impressions

Jim Barnes
No. 23.
book cover book cover The Map of Who We Are
Lawrence Smith
The Legacy of D'Arcy McNickle:
Writer, Historian, Activist

John Lloyd Purdy
No. 21.
book cover book cover From the Glittering World:
A Navajo Story
Irvin Morris
Native American Perspectives on Literature and History
Alan Velie
No. 19.
book cover book cover The Mexican Earth
Todd Downing
No. 20.
Louis Owens
No. 17.
book cover book cover On Second Thought: A Compilation
Maurice Kenny
Mediation in Contemporary Native American Fiction
James Ruppert
No. 15.
book cover book cover The Massacre at Sand Creek:
Narrative Voices

Bruce Cutler
No. 16.
Eye Killers
A. A. Carr
No. 13.
book cover book cover The Absence of Angels
W. S. Penn
No. 14.
Woodsman or Thoreau and the Indians
Arnold Krupat
No. 11.
book cover book cover Only Approved Indians
Jack Forbes
No. 12.
Faces in the Moon
Betty Louise Bell
No. 9.
book cover book cover Bone Game
Louis Owens
No. 10.
The Light People
Gordon Henry
No. 7.
book cover book cover Narrative Chance: Postmodern Discourse on Native American Literature
Gerald Vizenor
No. 8.
Diane Glancy
No. 5.
book cover book cover Summer In The Spring:
Anishinaabe Lyric Poems And Stories

Gerald Vizenor
No. 6.
Other Destinies:
Understanding the American Indian Novel

Louis Owens
No. 3.
book cover book cover All My Relations:
An Anthology Of Contemporary
Canadian Native Fiction

Thomas King
No. 4.
The Sharpest Sight
Louis Owens
No. 1.
book cover book cover Dead Voices:
Natural Agonies In The New World

Gerald Vizenor
No. 2



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