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The proceedings for "Decoupling Civil Timekeeping from Earth Rotation" are being published by Univelt, Inc. as part of the American Astronautical Society (AAS) Science and Technology Series, available from: http://www.univelt.com/Science.html

The Call for Papers is available here. The meeting program is available for download (PDF). The presentations/slides given at the workshop are available on the Program page.

Colloquium Summary

  • Preface
  • John Seago, Rob Seaman, and Steve Allen, "The Colloquium on Decoupling Civil Timekeeping from Earth Rotation"

Session 1: Setting the Stage

Session 2: The Past, Present, and Far Future

Round-table A

  • Midday Round-table Discussion of October 5, 2011

Session 3: Earth Orientation

Session 4: Time Scale Applications

Session 5: Space Operations

  • David Simpson, "UTC and the Hubble Space Telescope Flight Software"
    Preprint-673 | Discuss-673
  • Mark Storz, "Computation Errors in Look Angle and Range Due to Redefinition of UTC"
    Preprint-674 | Discuss-674
  • Stephen Malys, "Proposal for the Redefinition of UTC: Influence on NGA Earth Orientation Predictions and GPS Operations"
    Preprint-675 | Discuss-675

Session 6: Ground Operations

Round-table B

  • Midday Round-table Discussion of October 6, 2011

Session 7: Contingency Proposals

  • David Terrett, "Automating Retrieval of Earth Orientation Predictions"
    Preprint-679 | Discuss-679
  • Florent Deleflie, Daniel Gambis, Christophe Barache, Jérome Berthier, "Dissemination of DUT1 Through the Use of Virtual Observatory"
    Preprint-680 | Discuss-680
  • Steve Allen, "Timekeeping System Implementations: Options for the Pontifex Maximus"
    Preprint-681 | Discuss-681

Round-table C

Special Session

  • P. Kenneth Seidelmann, "The Longwood Gardens Analemmatic Sundial"