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American Indians for Obama


Clip Art for Use on Websites

Poison's Icons 
Silverhawk's Native American Graphics 
The Greasy Grass 

Religious Sites with Native American Concerns

Bible Mission to Native Americans 
Kateri On-line 
National Kateri Shrine
Lily of the Mohawks
Mennonite Central Committee  Aboriginal Neighbors Program
Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate  Diocese of Churchill Hudson-Bay
Native American Cemetary Preservation 
Native American Communications Office , United Methodist Communications
Native American International Caucus of The United Methodist Church, Inc.  
Native Believers 
Overcomers Ministeries 
The Storyteller 
Warriors for Christ 

More Specialized Information Sources

African Native American Resource Page Chickasaw 
Roles of Non-Hawaiians in the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement  , a Ph.D. thesis by Anthony Castanha
On the Passing of the Elders  
Database of Tribal and Organizational contacts  
Internet Resources for Foundations and Grant  , Univ. of Delaware Library
MAPS: GIS WindowsMAPS: GIS Windows on Native Lands, Current Places, and History  
New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority  
Funding Sources for Tribal Libraries  
American Indian and Alaska Natives 2010 census distribution maps   from the U.S. Census Server
Chippewa Treaty Rights: History and Management in Minnesota and Wisconsin Chippewa 
Religion and Psychoactive Sacrements: An Entheogen Chrestomathy  
Owl Star  , Native American News, Culture, Music and Crafts
Pow Wow Dancing  
Polynesian Voyaging Society  
Sebastian Saldago photographs   (in the New York Times)
Will Rogers Cherokee 
Flags of the Native American Peoples of the United States  
Powwow Power Ateca/Kickapoo 
Navajo Code Talkers Association  


Billy Mills - American Olympic Legend 
Biography of Billy
Profile from RunningPast.com
a PBS film on the Wind River High School Basketball team's drive for the State championship
Jim Thorpe  Sac & Fox
Wikipedia entry on Jim Thorpe
Jim Thorpe: Athlete of the Century Campaign
The Olympic Hall of Fame entry for Jim Thorpe
Thorpe preceded Deion, Bo, from ESPN
Jim Thorpe House site
Jim Thorpe Pro Football Hall of Fame
Jim Thorpe Monument
Native American Basketball Invitational 
Native Hockey Players 
Navajo Elite Runners 
North American Minor Lacrosse Association 
Notah Begay 
ESPN profile of Notah Begay
Onondaga Redhawks Lacrosse Club 
Pojoaque Valley Elks & Elkettes Athletics 
Ross Anderson 
World Eskimo-Indian Olympics 

Webboards and Lists for Discussion

Native American Diabetes Discussion eGroup 
Native Americans in Virgina Yahoo Group 
Native Voices 
People's Paths Internet BBS 
Tribal Arts Letters 
Village of First Nations Discussion Groups 
Virginia's First Peoples - Yahoo Group 

UseNet News Groups and List Archives

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act ("ANCSA") Resource Center 
alt.native  Indigenous people around the world
Search any and all newsgroup archives 
soc.culture.native Aboriginal people around the world

Non-Native pages relevant to Native concerns (not-otherwise classified)

"It's the same thing," the base metaphor of the Mescalero Apache  by Chris Watson
Canyon of the Tarahumara - Mexico  by Randy Johnson
Choctaw Trail of Tears  by Chris Watson
Foundation for Truth & Justice 
Honor Our Neighbors Origins and Rights 
Ilka Hartmann - Photographer 
Indians of Pennsylvania and the Delaware Valley  from Rich Wilson
Media Portrayal and Anthropologists' Treatment of Ishi, the Last Yahi  by Chris Watson
Newspaper Rock 
Oneida Indians of Wisconsin  from Jeff Lindsay
The Inca Trail and Macchu Picchu 
The Talking Tree 
Travels of Karen Strom 
In Arizona and New Mexico
In the Yucatan, and
In Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota

Our Book Recommendation
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The Campo Indian Landfill War,
by Dan McGovern
Univ Oklahoma

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Frequently Asked Questions for this site
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