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Oral History

Inuit Cultural Perspectives 
Memories Come To Us in the Rain and the Wind , (Extracts from) Oral Histories and
Photographs of Navajo Uranium Miners & Their Families
Oral Histories of the Mi'kmaq People 
Oral Narratives and Aboriginal Pasts:
An Interdisciplinary Review of the Literatures on Oral Traditions and Oral Histories
Our Elders , Interviews with Saskatchewan Elders
When Everybody Called Me Gah-bay-bi-nayss: "Forever-Flying-Bird 
An Ethnographic Biography of Paul Peter Buffalo
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General Resources

American Society for Ethnohistory 
Guides to Catholic-Related Records about Native Americans in the United States  from Marquette University
History as Romantic Art: Bancroft, Prescott, Motley, and Parkman  by David Levin
Newberry Library 


Carlisle Indian Industrial School 
Early America: the Native and Colonial Northeast 
First Peoples of the Northeast  by Esther K. Braun and David P. Braun, Moccasin Hill Press.
Guide to Records Relating to Native America 
History of the Horseneck Riots 
Hstory of the Indian King Tavern 
Jeffrey Amherst and Smallpox Blankets 
Lenape Village at Waterloo Village 
Marks in Time: Delaware Treaty History 
Massachusetts State Archives Microfilm Card Index of Native Americans 
Nanticoke Indian History 
Ne-Do-Ba , Abenaki hisory
Plymouth Colony 
Raid on Deerfield: The Many Stories of 1704 
Sullivan-Clinton Campaign of 1779 
The Long Island Indians   by Thomas Bayless

Southeast, including Caribbean

Among the Creeks 
Archives of the Mississippi History Now online journal 
Bacon's Rebellion and the Defeat of the Saponi Tribes at Occoneechee Island 
History & Archaeology of Georgia  from the Georgia Encyclopaedia
History of the Caddo Indians 
Native American Conquest , Spanish Conquistadors in the New World
North Carolina History  a summary by the North Carolina State Library
North Georgia history 
Rebellion: John Horse and the Black Seminoles, First Black Rebels to Beat American Slavery 
Seminole History  from the state of Florida
Tennessee History  from the Tennessee Blue Book (PDF files, search the index)
The Chickasaw Villages 
Virginia Council on Indians 
Virginia's First Peoples , from Virginia's Council on Indians
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Midwest including Northern Plains

Angie Debo Collection , index and a short biography
Articles on "Indians" from the Handbook of Texas Online 
Band Affiliation of Potawatomi Treaty Signatories 
BlackHawk War of 1832 , primary source materials and interpretive accounts
Chickasaw Historical Research 
Fort Phil Kearny/Bozeman Trail Association 
From Site to Story , The Upper MIssissippi's Buried Past
Great Lakes Project: 
The Geographic Location of Potawatomi Bands: 1795-1846
Grinter Place State Historic Site 
Guide to the Ohio Valley-Great Lakes Ethnohistory Archive 
Illini Confederation: Lords of the Mississippi Valley 
Introduction to Dakota Culture and History 
Introduction to Ojibway Culture and History 
Introduction to the Prehistory of Indiana 
Kansas History Museum 
Kaw Mission State Historic Site 
Muscogee (Creek) History 
Ohio Valley-Great Lakes Ethnohistory Archives: The Miami Collection 
Oklahoma History , from Oklahoma GenWeb
Pawnee Indian Village State Historic Site 
Pawnee Rock State Historic Site 
Pioneering the Upper Midwest: Books from Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, ca. 1820-1910 
From the Library of Congress
Sand Creek Massacre Documentary Film 
Shawnee Methodist Mission 
Tejas: Life and Times of the Caddo 
Texas Indians 
Texas Indians and Texas Place Names 
Tribal History 
Washita Battlefield National Historic Sit 

Southwest, Great Basin and California

Indian Country Map
Indian Country Map
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A Short Overview of California Indian History 
American Character: The Curious Life of Charles Fletcher Lummis and the Rediscovery of the Southwest 
with excerpts from the book concerning Isleta Pueblo and Indian Rights.
Brief History of Sabino Canyon , Tucson, AZ, including:
An Archaeological Survey of the Sabino Canyon Ruin Area, by Robin H. Rutherfoord
The Sabino Canyon Ruin Survey: What We Found by Allen Dart, and
Excavations at the Sabino Canyon Ruin, 1937-1950, by Don Everitt
California as I Saw It: First-Person Narratives of California's Early Years, 1849-1900 
California Mission Studies Association 
Captain Jose Panto and the San Pascual Indian Pueblo in San Diego County 1835-1878 
Glenn Farris, The Journal of San Diego History
Chronology of the Aboriginal Peoples of San Diego County 
Colorado Ute Museum 
Desert Documentary: The Spanish Years, 1767 - 1821  by Kiernan McCarty
Five Views: A History of American Indians in California 
Great Basin Indian Archive 
Great Basin Project  by Tad Beckman, Harvey Mudd College
History of Native Nevadans through Photography , from the Nevada Historical Society
History of Navajo Weaving  by Lee Anderson & Eric Anderson
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site 
Ishi and Yahi Culture 
Part of the Native California Cultures exhibit at the Phoebe Hearts Museum, Berkeley
Legends in Sand- The Evolution of the Modern Navajo Sandpainting 
Leslie and Melicent Lee: Artist, Author and Friends of the Indian 
Bruce Kamerling, The Journal of San Diego History
Lovell's Report on the Cahuilla Indians - 1854 
Robert W. Frazer (Editor), The Journal of San Diego History
Maps of the Pimería: Early Cartography of the Southwest 
From the University of Arizona Library Map Collection
Mission 2000 , searchable database of Spanish Mission records of the Pimería Alta
Muwekma Ohlone History 
Rio Grande Historical Collections 
Rocky Mountain Online Archive  
San Manuel Band of Mission Indians (Serrano) History 
Short history of the Hohokam people  as a part of
the history of the Ft Lowell neighborhood in Tucson
Sociopolitical aspects of the 1775 revolt at Mission San Diego de Alcala: an ethnohistorical approach 
Richard L. Carrico, The Journal of San Diego History
Southern Ute History 
Spain, United States, & the American Frontier: Historias Paralelas 
St. Anthony's Indian School in San Diego, 1886-1907 
Teresa Baksh McNeil, The Journal of San Diego History
The Costanoans, the Ohlone, and Prehistory of San Francisco Bay 
Web de Anza 


Children of the Sun , A History of the Spokane Indians
by David C. Wynecoop
Coast Salish Maps  c.1800
First People of Clackamas County 
Native American Documents Project: 
Allotment Data & Rogue River War and Siletz Reservation Documents
Northwest Ordinance  (full text)
Timeline for the Spokane Tribe  a timeline
Uncelebrated Anniversary , the Marias Massacre in Montana



In the Beginning Was the Word  The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures


Cedar - A Great Provider  from the Royal British Columbia Museum (PDF)
First Nations of the New France Era 
History of the Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation, the "Riding Mountain Band" 
History of the Oujé-Bougoumou Cree 
Indian Treaties  from the National Archives of Canada
James Squameyugs--Songhees Chief 1864-1892  1864-1892 by Grant Keddie, from the Royal British Columbia Museum
Living Memory 
Moment in Time: Fort Steele: A Historic Metaphor 
Native people of the Grand River valley 
Native Soldiers, Foreign Battlefields , the Wartime Contribution of Canada's First Peoples
New France, New Horizons: On French Soil in America 
Northwest Resistance(Canada) 
Database of materials held by the University of Saskatchewan Libraries and the University Archives.
Old World - New World 
Short history of the Northwest Coast  assembled from journals and other first person accounts.
Totem Poles 
Victoria Belcourt Callihoo  (1861-1966) Métis Historian
Who Killed William Robinson? , Justice and Settling the Land


Artes e Historia México 
Documents on Mexican Politics 
Latin American Library, Tulane University see esp. the photographic
collections, the treasures of the collection, and the manuscripts.
Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection 


Lakota Winter Counts 
On This Date In North American Indian History  
Plains Indian Timeline  since 1795
Time Line: 1673 - 1800 for the European presence in Illinois 
Timeline covering pre-Columbian times to the early twentieth century  from the PBS special The West.

On Photographs & Photographic Archives

Posters of Edward S. Curtis photographs
After Columbus: Four-hundred Years of Native American Portraiture 
American Historical Images On File: The Native American Experience 
American Indian Occupation of Alcatraz Island 
American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Digital Collection 
Benedicte Wrensted: An Idaho Photographer in Focus 
Colorado and Western History Photographs 
Dawn of a New Day , photograph collections at the Arizona State University Library
Early Photographers Of First Peoples In British Columbia 
Edward Harvey Davis Photo Gallery - San Diego Historical Society 
Edward S. Curtis Photographs : The Cardozo Gallery
Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian: Photographic Images 
from the Library of Congress
Gallery of the Open Frontier , University of Nebraska Press and the National Archives
Glimpses into Upper St’át’imc History through Photographs 
Heritage Colorado People Photographs 
Images of the Indian Peoples of the Northern Great Plains 
Indians near Warner Springs - San Diego Historical Society 
James K. Moore, post trader at the Wind River Reservation 
Mi'kmaq Portraits 
Nancy Bellzona's Picture Book , 1896 Oklahoma
National Anthropological Archives 
Native American images at American Photochromes 
Native American Photographs : Nineteenth Century Images, Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford
Panoramic photographs  from the National Archives, including one of a large group on Indians.
Photographs from the Union Pacific Railroad Archives 
Picture Collection Online  from the New York Public Library
Pictures of Indians in the United States , in the National Archives
Prints and Photographs Reading Room , Library of Congress
Reading Photographs  including :
Imaging and Imagining the Ghost Dance: James Mooney's Illustrations and Photographs, 1891-93 by Thomas W. Kavanagh
Reading Photographs by Thomas W. Kavanagh
on the examination of the Wanamaker Collection of American Indian photographs
Domestic Architecture in the Comanche Village on Medicine Creek, Indian Territory, Winter by Thomas W. Kavanagh
Reading Historic Photographs: Photographers of the Pawnee by Thomas W. Kavanagh
Richard Throssel: Photographer of the Crows 
Selected Photographs  from the Helios exhibition at the National Museum of American Art
Smithsonian Photographs 
Special Collections and Archives Department, Cline Library , Northern Arizona University
Stereotyping Native America 
The Outsider and the Native Eye: The Photographs of Richard Throssel 
Visual Records Collections , British Columbia Archives
Wisconsin Historical Images 

Our Book Recommendation
We recommend: book cover
The Heathen School: A Story of Hope and Betrayal in the Age of the Early Republic,
by John Demos

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Frequently Asked Questions for this site
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