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The narratives available here are:

Voyage to Another Universe -- 1994
Travels with Daniel -- June 1995
Thanksgiving in the Yucatan -- 1994
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Other (non-narrative) sites found on (at/in) Hanksville:

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
A Line in the Sand
Storytellers: Native American Authors Online
Just my Opinion, my personal blog
Earth Forms, a fine art photography book by Stephen Strom
Sticks and Stones: An Alphabet Book for the 21st Century
Observatories of the Southwest: A Guide for Curious Skywatchers, a new book
Stephen Strom, Photographer
Karen Strom, Photographer
Arizona Borderland Democrats
Laura Tohe, Navajo poet
Ronald Honyouti & Family, Katsina doll carvers
Gerald Clarke, Cahullia artist
Jane H. Bock, Botanist


Multiwavelength imagery of the L1641 star forming region in Orion
Inner Solar System Illustration and Discussion
Blackbody Radiation interactive discussion and exercises.

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