byOfelia Zepeda
The sun has moved down that way a bit,
And yet it is so hot.
All movement has almost stopped.
A fly goes by so slowly,
everything has slowed down.
My father is sitting there,
His head is tilted back and he's asleep.
My sister is laying over there asleep.
The dog passed by, he is looking
for shade,
everything has slowed down.
And yet the clouds have slowly settled in.
It's raining, it's raining!
My father jumps up
"Run and cover my grain!"
"Run and get the clothes on the line!"
Everything is now moving and alive.
My sister is up.
The dog is up.
everything is now moving and alive.

© 1982 Ofelia Zepeda.     From When it Rains: Papago and Pima Poetry edited by Ofelia Zepeda, University of Arizona Press, Sun Tracks Vol. 7.

This poem is also available in the 'O'odham language.

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