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Ofelia Zepeda

O'odham c Milga:n S-ke:g Ha'icu Cegitodag
A Collection of Poems in O'odham & English

  1. Introduction
  2. Jewed 'I-hoi / Riding the Earth
  3. Ka:cim Su:dagi / In English
  4. Hu'u 'at Ma:si / Birth of a Star
  5. Na:nko Ma:s Cewagi / Cloud Song
  6. B 'o e-a:g Mas 'ab Him g Ju:ki / It Is Going to Rain
  7. Cewagi / Clouds
  8. Cem 'al Taiccu Mat hab o Ma:skad / To Be Like Patsy Cline
  9. Kots
  10. Matpi Wud o Cem S-ke:gcu / The Handsome One
  11. Ba:ban Ganhu ge Ci:pia
  12. Jewed Ka:cim Hihimdam / Those That Walk the Earth
    Hohogimal / Butterfly
    Nanakmel / Bat
    Naksel / Scorpion
    Ciadagi / Gila Monster
    Cemamagi / Horned Toad
    Hujud / Lizard
    Wipismal / Hummingbird

This chapbook is printed in an edition of 1000. It is printed offset onto French and Confetti papers. Type is Bembo. The cover of the chapbook is letterpress printed; finished size is 5.5 × 5.5 inches. Each book is stitched by hand with silk thread. The book is enclosed in a small folder with a CD containing the entire book, including the introduction, read by the author. Sound samples are available on the virtual iPod.

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© 1997 Ofelia Zepeda