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Storytelling. At base that is what American Indian authors and poets are doing — storytelling.

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Law, and Culture

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notarrow pictureMarilou Awiakta, Cherokee, from the Shepherd College website. (Unofficial)
notarrow picturePoems by Marilou Awiakta and a bibliography
notarrow pictureMike Austin, Cherokee
notarrow pictureLinda Boyden, Cherokee
notarrow pictureRobert J. Conley, Cherokee
notarrow pictureQwo -Li Driskill, Cherokee, Lenape, Lumbee, Osage
notarrow pictureCarolyn Dunn, Muscogee/Seminole/Cherokee Blog !!
notarrow pictureDiane Glancy, Cherokee
notarrow pictureFrom Voices in the Gaps. (Unofficial)
notarrow pictureRayna Green, Cherokee, from Voices in the Gaps. (Unofficial)
notarrow pictureAllison Hedge Coke, Huron/Eastern Tsalagi
notarrow pictureGeary Hobson, Cherokee-Quapaw/Chickasaw
notarrow pictureSara Sue Hoklotubbe, Cherokee
notarrow pictureThomas Hubbard, Cherokee/Miami
notarrow pictureDaniel Heath Justice, Cherokee
notarrow pictureThomas King, Cherokee, from the Wikipedia
notarrow pictureThomas King (Unofficial)
notarrow pictureThomas King's Faculty page, University of Guelph, Ont.
notarrow pictureWilma Elizabeth McDaniel, Cherokee
notarrow pictureMarijo Moore, Cherokee/Irish/Dutch
notarrow pictureLouis Owens, Choctaw/Cherokee
notarrow pictureJohn Rollin Ridge, Cherokee, from the Wikipedia
notarrow pictureWill Rogers, Cherokee, from the Wikipedia
notarrow pictureGayle Ross, Cherokee
notarrow pictureWilliam Sanders, Cherokee
notarrow pictureKim Shuck, Tsalagi, Sauk and Fox, and Polish
notarrow pictureTerra Trevor, Cherokee, Delaware, Seneca
notarrow pictureRon Welburn, Eastern Cherokee

Note: Currently poetry chapbooks are for sale on the websites of Tiffany Midge, Deborah Miranda, Annette Arkeketa, Ofelia Zepeda, Duane Niatum and Marijo Moore. Ordering information is available on each site. Chapbooks from Lance Henson, Carter Revard and Maurice Kenny are available from Point Riders Press.


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