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Turtle Storyteller by Randy Chitto

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Storytelling. At base that is what American Indian authors and poets are doing — storytelling.

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Law, and Culture

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notarrow pictureSimon Ortiz, Acoma Pueblo
notarrow pictureFrom counterbalance poetry
notarrow pictureAnother unofficial site
notarrow pictureLouis Owens, Choctaw/Cherokee
notarrow pictureElise Paschen, Osage
notarrow pictureWilliam S. Penn, Nez Perce
notarrow pictureSusan Power, Dakota , from Voices from the Gaps (Unofficial)
notarrow pictureRon Querry, Choctaw
notarrow picturePhilip H. Red Eagle, Dakota/Steilacoom-S'Klallam
notarrow pictureDelphine Red Shirt, Lakota
notarrow pictureFrom Voices in the Gaps (Unofficial)
notarrow pictureMarcie R. Rendon , Anishinabe
notarrow pictureFrom Voices in the Gaps (Unofficial)
notarrow pictureCarter Revard, Osage
notarrow picturePaxton Riddle,
notarrow pictureWendy Rose, Hopi/Miwok, from Voices from the Gaps (Unofficial)
notarrow pictureFrom the Modern American Poetry website.
notarrow pictureJohn Rollin Ridge, Cherokee, from the Wikipedia
notarrow pictureWill Rogers, Cherokee, from the Wikipedia
notarrow pictureGayle Ross, Cherokee
notarrow pictureArmand Garnet Ruffo, Ojibway
notarrow pictureJohn Rustywire, Navajo
notarrow pictureCarol Lee Sanchez, Laguna
notarrow pictureGreg Sarris, Pomo
notarrow pictureFrom the Reed College English 201 site Prog. Laura Arnold
notarrow pictureWilliam Sanders, Cherokee
notarrow pictureCheryl Savageau, Abenaki
notarrow pictureKim Shuck, Tsalagi, Sauk and Fox, and Polish
notarrow pictureEdgar Gabriel Silex, Tigua Pueblo
notarrow pictureLeslie Marmon Silko, Laguna Pueblo
notarrow pictureLeslie Marmon Silko' (1948 - ), a short biography
notarrow pictureWorld Literature website, Silko page
notarrow pictureOnline Poetry Classroom, Silko page
notarrow pictureClassroom Issues and Strategies by Norma C. Wilson
notarrow picturePerspectives in American Literature - A Research and Reference Guide - Leslie Marmon Silko
notarrow pictureNative American Literature -The Pueblo, English 210, Laura Arnold, Reed College
notarrow pictureAn Interview with Leslie Marmon Silko by Thomas Irmer
notarrow pictureInfoPlease.com entry
notarrow pictureThe Function of Landscape in Ceremony. by Robert M. Nelson
notarrow pictureRewriting Ethnography: The Embedded Texts in Leslie Silko's Ceremony. by Robert M. Nelson
notarrow pictureThe Kaupata Motif in Silko's Ceremony: A Study of a Literary Homology by Robert M. Nelson
notarrow pictureA Laguna Woman by Robert M. Nelson
notarrow pictureHe Said / She Said: Writing Oral Tradition in John Gunn's "Ko-pot Ka-nat" and Leslie Silko's Storyteller by Robert M. Nelson
notarrow pictureInterpretation Brings Us Together: Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony and the Hermeneutic Circle by Shawn Rider
notarrow pictureLeslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony and the Effects of White Contact on Pueblo Myth and Ritual by Suzanne M. Austgen
notarrow pictureAmerican Paradoxes in Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony by Jessica M. Vianes
notarrow pictureCommentary on Ceremony and Almanac of the Dead from the Hippocrates Project at the New York University School of Medicine.
notarrow pictureSilko page from Voices from the Gaps
notarrow pictureAn Interview with Leslie Marmon Silko by Thomas Irmer
notarrow pictureCynthia Leitich Smith, Muscogee (Creek)
notarrow pictureMartin Cruz Smith, Isleta Pueblo
notarrow picturePaul Chaat Smith, Commanche
notarrow pictureVirginia Driving Hawk Sneve, Rosebud Sioux (Unofficial), from Voices in the Gaps
notarrow pictureAbena Songbird, Abenaki
notarrow pictureJames Thomas Stevens, Akwesasne Mohawk
notarrow pictureDenise Sweet, Anishinnaabe

Note: Currently poetry chapbooks are for sale on the websites of Tiffany Midge, Deborah Miranda, Annette Arkeketa, Ofelia Zepeda, Duane Niatum and Marijo Moore. Ordering information is available on each site. Chapbooks from Lance Henson, Carter Revard and Maurice Kenny are available from Point Riders Press.


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