Too Much for the Average Indian, XII


Annette Arkeketa

-Christmas mourning 1997 the headlines read "Indians Massacred in Mexico."
45 Indian villagers, 20 women, 18 children, 7 men.

The colonial root of genocide upon indigenous people continues
continental divide - Chiapas' Uprising, men, women, children,
Indian villagers-Wounded Knee Massacre, women,
children, men, Indian villagers-Washita Massacre, children,
women,men, Indian villagers-Sand Creek Massacre,
Indian villagers, grandma's, grandpa's, women, children,
men, Indian villagers-Trail of Tears, children, women, men,
Indian villagers- Yanomamo Massacre, men, children, women, Indian
villagers-Oka incident, men, women, children, Indian villagers-
Millenium Massacre, women, children, men, Indian villagers-Indians
continue to be massacred

December 27, 1997 arrested in Mexico 40 Indian people who murdered 45
Indian villagers, 20 women, 18 children, and 7 men.

Say What? Indians massacred Indians?

Colonial sacrament for an unholy event.

This is definitely too much for the average Indian.

From Too Much For The Average Indian by Annette Arkeketa

© 1999 Annette Arkeketa

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