Too Much for the Average Indian, IX


Annette Arkeketa

-Susan calls me from the Native American Rights Fund office, Boulder, Colorado.

"Hey sis-ter, do you have any commodity cheese?"

Commodity Cheese?

A flash of imagery runs through my mind. I can see our prominent
braided legal eagles. Armed with law degrees and other twenty first
century coup trophies, sitting in plush leather chairs and gray suit
regalia, Italian moccasins propped on their home sick coffee break.
Their mouth watering dialogue briefs of how to get a commodity cheese
care package.

I feel their loneliness, craving and deprived state for USDA commodity
cheese. The commod bod cuisine. Indian Country delicacy. The only
commodity surplus that doesn't get rationed to urban relatives from the
rural connections.

I reply empathetic to her needs.

"Sorry, yer not getting my cheese".

Case closed.

From Too Much For The Average Indian by Annette Arkeketa

© 1999 Annette Arkeketa

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