Codes of Ethics

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for the American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA)
Code of Ethics for members of the Society of Professional Archaeologists
Ethics Directoty on the American Anthropological Association site.
A Survey of Attitudes and Values in Archaeological Practice by Julie Zimmer, Richard Wilk, and Anne Pyburn
SAA, SHA, SOPA, AIA Discuss Register of Professional Archaeologists
by Charles R. McGimsey III, Bill Lipe, and Donna Seifert, including:
Code of Ethics
SAA Principles of Archaeological Ethics, Society for American Archaeology
Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association
Ethics in Science
Ethics Pledge from the Student Pugwash USA organization
Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Science from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Codes Of Ethics And Conduct for Science and Engineering Societies
On Being A Scientist: Responsible Conduct In Research
from the National Academy of Sciences.
Scientific Freedom, Responsibility and Law Program
of the Association for the Advancement of Science
Genetics and Public Issues from the National Center for Genome Resources
Applied Ethics Resources on WWW
Statement on the Misuse of "Scientific Findings" to Promote Bigotry
and Racial and Ethnic Hatred and Discrimination from the American Anthropological Association (scroll down a bit)
Indigenous Communities and Academics, a letter to the editor from Margaret Dwyer

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