Native American Public Radio Stations

Indian Head Nickel KBRW 680AM 10kW
Inupiaq Eskimo
Contact: Don Rinker, Mgr.
PO Box 109
Barrow, AK 99723
Ph: 907/852-6811         Fax: 2274
Indian Head Nickel KNBA 90.3FM
contact: Jaclyn Sallee (Inupiat Eskimo), President & CEO
Koahnic Broadcast Corporation
819 E 11th, Suite C
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

National Native News ( ) a daily national radio news program aired on 145 radio stations nationwide. Host is Bernadette Chato (Navajo).

Friday Wellness Edition" of Native America Calling in cooperation with Native American Telecommunications, Inc. ( ) Host is Joaqlin Estus (Tlingit).

KBC Training Center. This is the nation's only education center dedicated to increasing the number of Native Americans working in the broadcast field. We sponsor year-round training activities, with a focus on Native American public radio stations and Native youth recruitment and training. ( ). Contact is Jaclyn Sallee.

Indian Head Nickel KYUK 640 AM 10kW
Yupik Eskimo, Cupik Eskimo
Contact: Margaret Wood, Mgr.
Pouch 468
Bethel, AK 99559
Phone: 907/543-3131         Fax: 3130

Indian Head Nickel KCUK 88.1 FM 10W (repeats KYUK)
Yupik Eskimo
Contact: Peter Tuluk, Mgr.
Kashunanuit School Dist
985 KSD Way
Chevak, AK 99563
Ph: 907/858-7014         Fax: 7279

Indian Head Nickel KDLG 670 AM 10kW
Aleut, Yupik
Contact: K.C. Jackson, Mgr.
PO Box 670
Dillingham, AK 99576
Ph: 907/842-5281         Fax: 5645

Indian Head Nickel KOTZ 720 AM 5kW
Inupiat Eskimo
Contact: De'Anne Hamilton, Program Dir.
PO Box 78
Kotzebue, AK 99752
Ph: 907/442-3434/3435         Fax: 2292

Indian Head Nickel KZPA 900 AM 5kW (repeats KUAC)
Contact: Dorothy Karrol, Act. Program Mgr.
PO Box 50
Ft. Yukon, AK 99740
Phone: 907/662-8255         Fax: 8225

Indian Head Nickel KSKO 870 AM 10kW
Contact: Amy Hind, Mgr.
PO Box 70
McGrath, AK 99627
Ph: 907/524-3001         Fax: 3436

Indian Head Nickel KUHB 91.9 FM 1.05 W
(repeats KDLG)
Contact: Cecila Murphy, Office Mgr.
Pribiloff School Dist.
PO Box 905
St. Paul, AK 99660
Ph: 907/546-2254         Fax: 2367

Indian Head Nickel KNSA 930 AM 2,500 W (rpts KDLG)
Inupiaq Eskimo
Contact: Henry Ivanoff, Mgr.
PO Box 178
Unalakleet, AK 99684
Ph: 907/624-3101         Fax: 3130

Indian Head Nickel KGHR 91.5 FM 100W
Greyhills High School
Contact: Elain Holden, Mgr.
PO Box 160
Tuba City, AZ 86045
Ph: 520/283-6271/Ext. 177         Fax: 6604

Indian Head Nickel KNNB 88.1/88.9/99.1 FM 670 W
White Mountain Apache
Contact: Phoebe Nez, Gen Mgr.
PO Box 310
Whiteriver, AZ 85941
Ph: 520/338-5229         Fax: 1744

Indian Head Nickel KIDE 91.3 FM 195W
Contact: Frank Starkey, Jr., Mgr
PO Box 1220
Hoopa, CA 95546
Ph: 916/625-4245         Fax: 4046

Indian Head Nickel KSUT 91.3 FM 450W
Southern Ute
Contact: Carlos Sena, Mgr.
PO Box 737
Ignacio, CO 81137
Ph: 970/563-0255         Fax: 0399/0396

Indian Head Nickel KEYA 88.5 FM 19,000kW
Turtle Mountain Chippewa
Contact: Betty Hambley, Mgr.
PO Box 190
Belcourt, ND 58316
Ph: 701/477-5686         Fax: 3252

Indian Head Nickel KMHA 91.3 FM 100kW
Contact: Pete Coffee, Mgr.
HCR 3, PO Box 1
New Town, ND 58763
Ph: 701/627-3333         Fax: 4212

Indian Head Nickel KCIE 90.5 FM 100W
Jicarilla Apache
Contact: Warren Cassador, Mgr.
PO Box 603
Dulce, NM 87528
Ph: 505/759-3681         Fax: 3005

Indian Head Nickel KGLP 91.7 FM 100W
Navaho Nation Zuni
Contact: Clinton Jim or Ray Bayles
200 College Rd.
Gallup, NM 87301
Phone: 505/863-7625

Indian Head Nickel KABR 1500 AM 1kW
Alamo Navajo School Bd.
Contact: Sarah Apache, Mgr
PO Box 907
Magdalena, NM 87825
Ph: 505/854-2641         Fax: 2545

Indian Head Nickel KTDB 89.7 FM 5000kW
Ramah Navajo
Contact: Bernie Bustos, Mgr.
PO Box 40
Pinchill, NM 87357
Ph: 505/775-3215         Fax: 3551

Indian Head Nickel KSHI 90.9 FM 100W
Zuni Pueblo
Contact: Duane Chimoni, Mgr.
PO Box 339
Zuni, NM 87327
Ph: 505/782-4811         Fax: 2232/2700

Indian Head Nickel CKON 97.3 FM 350W
Contact: Stewart Wood, Mgr
PO Box 140
Rosseveltown, NY 13683
Ph: 518/358-3426         Fax: 623/575-2566

Indian Head Nickel KWSO 91.9 FM 3.5kW
Warm Springs Confederated
Contact: Mike Villalobos, Mgr.
PO Box 489
Warm Springs, OR 97761
Ph: 541-553-1968         Fax: 3348

Indian Head Nickel KILI 90.1 FM 100kW
Ogula Lakota Sioux
Contact: Tom Casey, Acting Mgr.
PO Box 150
Porcupine, SD 57772
Ph: 605/867-5002         Fax: 5634

Indian Head Nickel KSWS 89.3 FM 3kW
Sisseton Whapeton Sioux
Contact: Mike LaBelle, Mgr
PO Box 142
Sisseton, SD 57262
Ph: 605/698-7972         Fax: 7897

Indian Head Nickel KINI 96.1 FM 57kW
Rosebud Lakota Sioux
Contact: Bernard Whiting, Jr., Mgr.
PO Box 419
St. Francis, SD 57572
Ph: 605/747-2291         Fax: 5057

Indian Head Nickel WOJB 88.9 FM 100kW
Lac Courte Orielles Chippewa
Contact: Douglas Baker, Mgr.
RR2, Box 2788
Hayward, WI 54843
Phone: 715/634-2100         Fax: 3906

Native Owned Commercial Stations

Indian Head Nickel WASG 550 AM 50kW
Poarch Band, Creek
Contact: Nathan Martin, Mgr.
1318 S. Main
Atmore, AL 36502
Ph: 334/368-2511         Fax: 4227

Indian Head Nickel KTNN 660 AM 50kW
Navajo Nation
Contact: Tazbah McCullah, Mgr.
PO Box 2569
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Ph: 520/871-3542         Fax: 3479

Indian Head Nickel WYRU 1160 AM 5kW
Contact: Gene Hanrahan, Mgr
PO Box 0711
Red Springs, NC 28377
Ph: 910/843-5946         Fax: 8694

Public Radio Stations

Indian Head Nickel KSKA 91.1 FM 36kW
Various Tribes
Contact: Susan Reed, Mgr
4101 University Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99508
Ph: 907/561-1161         Fax: 273-9435

Indian Head Nickel KBSU 730 AM 15kW
Duck Valley
Contact: Mark Wescott, Op. Mgr.
1910 University Dr.
Boise, ID 83725
Ph: 208/385-3906         Fax: 344-6631

Indian Head Nickel KUNM 89.9 FM 13.6kW
Various Tribes
Contact: Richard Towne, GM
UNM, Albuquerque, NM 87131-1011
Ph: 505/277-8009         Fax: 277-8044

Indian Head Nickel WORT 89.9 FM 2kW
Contact: Norman Stockwell
118 S. Bedford St.
Madison, WI 53703
Ph: 608/256-2695         Fax: 3704

Project Stations

Indian Head Nickel KNBA 90.3 FM 100kW
(formerly KANH)
On-air Date: Aug. 12, 1996
urban Alaska Natives
Contact: Susan Braine, Mgr.
Koahnic Broadcast Corp.
810 East 9th Ave., Ste. 210
Anchorage, AK 99501
Ph: 907/258-8887/8880         Fax: 8803

Indian Head Nickel White Earth Land Recovery
On-Air Date: Fall 1996
White Earth Anishinabe, Chippewa
Contact: Nancy Warren
Rt. 1, Box 291
Ponsford, MN 56575
Ph: 218/573-3448         Fax: 3444

Indian Head Nickel Gros Ventre/Assiniboine
On-air date: Not listed
KGVA 88.1 FM 90kW
Contact: Claren Werk, Mgr
PO Box 159, Ft. Belknap College
Harlem, MT 59526
Ph: 406/353-4556         Fax: 2898

Indian Head Nickel Indigenous Broadcast Center
Indian Head Nickel Native American Public Broadcasting Consortium

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