Photographic Acknowledgements

I wish to acknowledge the following sources of photographs used in this document. Without the vision of the people cited below, this work would also not have been possible. All work is used with the permission of the copyright holders. I will be forever grateful to all those whose work is used here.

All of the panoramic photographs used in this work are my own. All other photographs are also my own unless otherwise acknowledged below.

The prairie dog and white pelican photographs are direct links to the photographs in Phillip Greenspun's Travels with Samantha.

Several Yellowstone photographs are loaded directly from the University of Utah Seismograph Station's server.

Bird photographs are loaded directly from the Breeding Birds Survey server.

The features map is a mosaic of the digital maps available from Ray Sterner at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. The HTML interface was made available by Hal Mueller at Texas A & M University.

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© 1995 - Karen M. Strom