July 4 - San Dimas

Today was a day to relax. We went out to get bagels and cream cheese for a casual breakfast. The kids were having fun playing and getting to know each other once again. The day is beautiful and clear and the kids played in the cul de sac.


After lunch, we gathered up the baseball equipment and walked to the park about 10 blocks away. The park was filled with families enjoying the day with big, multigeneraltional family picnics. We found a space where Steve (Kathy's husband) could pitch to the kids. The older kids played baseball for a while while the younger kids played on the playground equipment. When the younger kids began to tire, we walked back home.

Baseball game

After some rest and more play, we had a light dinner and then gathered up some blankets to sit on during the fireworks. We drove over to Laverne and found a good spot on the lawn of a fast food restaurant a few blocks from the site of the fireworks. The kids continued to romp as the lawn filled up with a multicultural array of families. We watched the traffic go by as the sky darkened. Finally the fireworks began and the kids watched fascinated. Then it was over and we drove back to the house and put the kids to bed.

Tomorrow Steve and I would fly back to Massachusetts ending another trip in the land of our dreams.

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