L1641 N: The Bipolar Outflow

This is a contour map of the bipolar outflow from L1641N.

You may also see images at other wavelengths by clicking on the colorbar at a point above any of the dashed arrows (which point to other regions of the spectrum at which images are available). The solid arrow shows the spectral region you are seeing now. This is not intended to be a linear scale in wavelength, but only a rough guide to the wavelength of the observation.

L1641 North

This outflow was discovered by Fukui et al. (1986) in an unbiased survey of CO emission in the L1641 molecular cloud. The outflow itself and the dense molecular core in which the driving object is embedded were the subject of a study by Fukui et al. (1988). The figure above shows the red (11 to 18 km/s, dashed line) and blue (-4 to 4 km/s, solid lines) lobes of the outflow. They found that the object was centered in a dense molecular core which is elongated in the direction of the outflowing gas, as shown below. the maps in HCN and HCO+ show the location of the dense molecular material relative to the lobes of the CO outflow.

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