Patrick Sanchez

I've always liked to draw since elementary school. When I started in high school, I painted just for fun. Then they had an art show, and I sold two of my paintings, and I really got serious about it. Good feelings inside me inspire me to paint.

My art is detailed, intricate, and colorful. That's the way life is, complicated. A long time ago there was a lot of detail in pottery, and they did it using simple tools. So if they could do a lot of fine detail using simple tools, I figure I could do a lot better by using modern tools like brushes and compasses.

I describe my art as "modern intricacy", very colorful work with a lot of detail. Rainbow colors are very bright and alive! My art work is based on old Zuni designs and ancient icons which I interpret with the feelings of Zuni today.

Patrick Sanchez's work is carried by Sunshine Studios.

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