Mixed Media Installation and Performance


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From the Artist....
"Task" is an installation that was created as a reaction to the events of September 11, 2001. "Task" includes a performance that serves as a commemorative activity as well as a healing ritual. Watching the event unfold on television, I felt a need to respond, but art seemed too trivial a response for such a traumatic experience. After this initial reaction, I began to feel that the production of art and the freedom of speech that it entails is incredibly important to our country and in the healing process. Artists, as much as doctors, psychologists and spiritualists, have a role to play in settling the nerves of this nation and all of humanity. The idea for this work stemmed from a dream I had a few weeks following this event. It is in "Task" that I wish to iron out the wrinkles that plague our world.

Click here to see video footage of this work and performance.