Cahuilla Form VII: Kimul Hakushwe

Fiberglass, Steel, Brass Doorknob


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This is the other side of Kimul Kakushwe. The top area represents the moon.


The form was created in styrofoam. The styrofoam was then sealed with paper mache.

Once sealed with the paper mache, the entire form was covered with several coats of fiberglass and resin. After sanding smooth, polyester filler was used to accentuate the form with areas of texture. The final step was painting the sculpture. I commissioned the paint job with a local auto body shop. The paint used is a new type of metallic paint that changes colors depanding on the angle it is viewed. In this view, it look's very red, but as you walk around the sculpture the color subtly changes to an orange-bronze.


Kimul Hakushwe means "the door is open" in the Cahuilla language.